EarthTeach Challenge Adventure Ropes Course

Team Synergo

Arguably the Northwest leader in challenge course design, construction, management, and in the training of experiential eductaors, Synergo has been the primary agent of adventure education at EarthTeach since 2001. Through the interplay of physical activity, interpersonal communication, environmental interaction, and group dynamics, Synergo creates exciting learning experiences for groups large and small. Challenge courses are used for orientations, team building, school programs, and trust building workshops, to name a few. Team Synergo believes experiences provide the greatest life lessons.

Visit Synergo:
For more info contact: Erik Marter, Executive Director (503-452-9451
Ashland Course Coordinator:Tom Shelstad (541) 301-9096

Detailed information about Synergo at EarthTeach: Team Synergo

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