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EarthTeach Forest Park is meant to be a model of stewardship, learning community, and sustainability in the process of offering a wild nature public setting for experiential education and wisdom schooling. As such, EarthTeach is envisioned variously and simultaneously to be a laboratory, a workshop, and a very big sandbox. You are invited here to experiment, to work, to play.

We ask that you take the time to read carefully through the ETFP Use Guide, our General Waiver Form, Liability Waiver and the Agreement to Participate. ALL visitors to EarthTeach are asked to fill out and sign the Liabilty Waiver and Agreement to Participate. Once these documents have been signed and dated annually, you are free to visit and re-visit EarthTeach as often as you like.

ETFP Use Guide 08
ETFP Agreement to Participate
ETFP Invitation Waiver
ETFP Liability Release
ETFP Short Venue Waiver

So you are welcome!...and well come! Know, however, that with this invitation there comes an obligation: To be aware. And to be responsible. Beware and be response able.