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From I-5 South, take OR Exit 66 Ashland/Klamath Falls (Exit# 14).
Left turn on OR 66 (Ashland Street). Drive 0.7 miles and left turn on Dead Indian Memorial Road. (Check your odometer here). Drive 9 miles. Across from the mile marker nine, you will see the EarthTeach Forest Park banner hanging in the trees.

WINTER MONTHS (November - April):


If there is snow at the bottom of the main entrance, please do NOT attempt to drive up the driveway and please DO NOT block the bottom of the driveway.

Continue up D. Indian Memorial Road to the school bus turn around on the right and either carefully park there without blocking access to mailboxes, or turn around there and pull off the road's shoulder on the right side (southbound, downward lane) of the D. Indian Road. From there,
staying out of the road, safely walk to the Park's entrance and WALK up the driveway.


After entering the park through the main entrance, please park in the small parking lot.

Thank you for NOT driving any further into the Park
. Vehicles create a lot of road damage during the rainy-muddy periods.

THE REST OF THE YEAR (May - October):

This first driveway marks the MAIN entrance to the Park. A left turn off D. Indian Rd. and up the driveway 50 ft. to the left gives visitors access to the (
handicap) small parking area. If you are able bodied and / or are a part of a group larger than three vehicles coming to the Park, please do not use this as a drop off or parking area. Permission is required to drive any further into the Park from this point.

The SECOND entrance to the Park is about 75 yards further up the road from the main entrance (almost immediately across from the school bus turn around and mailboxes). A left turn off the road at this gate, up 50ft and left across a small natural bridge, gives visitors access to a larger open parking area that is ideal for dropping off and loading gear (for safety reasons) and longer term parking. Signs posted guide visitors from the second parking area to the garden, gatehouse, Celebration Meadow, labyrinth and beyond.

Pick up of large group gear for delivery to campsites may be arranged by contacting the Park’s On Site Manager, Pete Cotton @ (541) 482-4572.

For more information, please email: