“The greatest achievements
were at first and for a time dreams.
The oak sleeps in the acorn.”
~ James Allen

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The people who have helped sustain EarthTeach Forest Park are as unique and vibrant as the trees and plants that grow upon the land. Some of them took root in the very beginning, offering vitality, energy and hope to the birth of a unique legacy. Like a grove of Sycamores, they stood as tall and fundamental as the vision for the Park itself. They held the land with sacred hearts as EarthTeach became manifest.

Then, as in all forests, some vegetation fell by the way, as have some of our early participants; this is nature’s way. Like the decomposing fallen oak, now nurturing life-source to the smaller forest beings, the essence and value of those first strong individuals remains behind to foster the new shoots and saplings, ideas and passions, that EarthTeach loves to explore and develop.

So it goes – roots, trunks, branches, and blossoms –continually merging and emerging over the years.
Some species stand taller than others, some take root deeper, some flourish for a long time and help sustain the surrounding land through their longevity. Others grow quickly and beautifully, spreading seeds and flowers for a new generation in the next spring season before bending under the next winter’s snows.

For each of these people, distinctive and essential, who have both touched and been touched by the power of the land, we offer gratitude and celebration for your service. Whether past, present, or on a return, these individuals signify the human “hope” of EarthTeach Forest Park.

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“He who plants a tree plants hope.”
~ Lucy Larcom