About Us

EarthTeach Forest Park is remarkably unlike any other environmental resource in our area. The Park features 1680 protected timber areas, a complete commitment to youth education, and community building through challenge course programs, outdoor adventuring, and nature conservation activities. Through the support of the Way Foundation, EarthTeach is a place for people of all ages to connect with nature and themselves. These experiences are rare and special gifts with life-enriching potential.

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On the surface, a park - urban or wild - provides us opportunity for passive contact with the out of doors. Through the programs at EarthTeach, amidst untamed meadows, boulders, marshes, trees and cliffs, people of all ages are invited to experience something more profound. Assertive contact that combines creativity with hiking, critical thinking with outdoor arts, decision-making with high ropes, and environmental awareness with a labyrinth walk. With learning that is physical, emotional, and spiritual, a unique, perhaps wilder and deeper, understanding of the natural world and oneself emerges.

Of all the gifts passed forward, this may be the most wonderful of all for visitors at EarthTeach Park.