With wholehearted gratitude and respect,
The Way Foundation recognizes

The EarthTeach Membership Founders
John & Kathy Chmelir
Jack & Julie Davis
The Irvine Family
Dan & Linda Jackson
Sharon and John Javna
Robert Maclellan
Tom Reid
Robert S. Riley
Lee and Sylvia Shapiro
Larry and Dawn Steiner

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Membership Founders share some very special qualities: they have a reverence for nature as a learning place, they support the lifelong protection and care of EarthTeach’s unique 1860 forest acres, they are committed to community-building, and they understand that EarthTeach is a safe, wild, and rare resource for their families and friends.

The charitable donations made by this special group of jump-starters demonstrate their support of EarthTeach’s capacity to nurture and teach people of all ages through experience in, of, and with nature at a place quite unlike any other.