Challenge Adventure Ropes Course: Team Synergo

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Team Synergo, a Portland based company which is arguably the Northwest leader in challenge course design, construction, management, and training of experiential education facilitators, built the a world class challenge course at EarthTeach Forest Park in 2001.

The course, set on the ground and high in the trees of the Park, serves 500-800 youths annually. These visiting youths are primarily from southern Oregon schools who are including one and two day experiences at EarthTeach as part of their student’s personal growth curriculum.

Rope challenge courses are an important tool for teaching and facilitating in this age of synergy, team building, experiential learning, and self-development.

Challenge courses are composed of a variety of different elements that fit into three general categories: orientations and team building programs, school programs and curricula, and trust building workshops, to name a few.

The activities challenge individual and group expectations and boundaries, and set the stage to explore the issues surrounding them.

Challenge Course Youth Programming at EarthTeach includes:

Fun! We are serious about having fun. It is the vitality of life.

Personal Development: Trust, Goals Setting, Self Esteem, Overcoming personal limitations.

Team Assessment: Trust, Problem-solving skills, Communication Skills, Productivity, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Decision Making,

Team Development: Developing ground rules, decision-making process, problem solving process, vision creation, trust development.

Team Maintenance: Self Assessment, redirection.

Team Skill Building: Self-awareness, conflict resolution, running a meeting.