June 2007

Dear EarthTeach Park friends and members,

No matter these early June downpours, the long hot days of summer are within reach. The wading pool is out, tomatoes starts are blossoming, and our front porch is littered with a variety of sandals. It’s time to think about summer camp.

For many of us, the words “summer camp” invoke memories of smoky cabins, rope swings, firelight sing-a-longs, and dining halls with well-scrubbed wooden tables. They also call to mind new friendships, laughter, counting mosquito bites, breathtaking night skies and bird-song at first light. A tangible spirit surrounds summer camp: a spirit of adventure, imagination, simplicity and love of nature

At EarthTeach, we’ve embraced that spirit and expanded the meanings of “summer camp.” The possibilities at the Park range from community gatherings - to quiet family campouts -- to daylong, kid-filled programs of arts and exploration, --to swinging through the trees on a giant swing in the company of your new best buddies, -- to a week’s worth of deep woods wonderment, outdoor cooking, fireside stories, and sleeping under the stars. There really is something for everyone and a way for each person to make their own special nature connection.

Wishing you a memorable summer,

Be sure to check out the events, links and contact information listed below, or visit http://www.earthteach.org/

June 9 &10: Awakening The Puma, Introduction To Andean Mysticism

June 17 – August 11: Coyote Trails School of Nature offers eight, weeklong sleepover camps for youth and for families. Focus is on wilderness experiences through tracking, awareness, storytelling, primitive skills, nature study and art. To sign up: http://www.coyotetrails.org/

June 21 – Celebrate and observe the Summer Solstice on the EarthTeach Labyrinth. Available to all. Email for information: info@earthteach.org

June 21-24: Youth & Elder Conference, Presented by the Red Earth Descendants and sponsored by EarthTeach Forest park, Siwash Native Resources, and Klamath Tribes. Youth, elders and their families are invited to “The 2nd Annual Elder-Youth Conference and World Peace & Prayer Day - a gathering in the ways of native traditions. For more information, call Michael Vazquez (702)-219-5184 or Dan Wahpepah (541)-890-3529

June 23: Finding Nature’s Path, A Labyrinth Retreat - Learn about the purpose and unique possibilities of a day spent on a Wild-Nature Labyrinth. For more information contact: martha@earthteach.org

July 9-13, 23-29 and Aug. 1-10 LEAP Camps for teens. - Live in a wild ecological preserve (with an attitude); play & learn on a world-class challenge course; be inspired to lead with cutting edge leadership development methods! Contact: http://leap-in.com/LEAPCAMP.aspx

July 16-20: Earth Art (formerly Fine Arts at EarthTeach) Every artist can be a courageous explorer of imagination & every explorer can artfully experience the world. Come discover EarthTeach Forest Park and the thrills of creativity! Day Camp from 9 AM to 4:30 PM For kids 7-13 years. Sign up today! http://www.earthteach.org/earthart/earthart.html

August 25-September 1: Wilderness Vision Quest: This Quest is offered as an 8 day experience which includes a traditional 4 day solo fast. The teachings of this Quest are passed down through the lineage of Lipan Apache elder Stalking Wolf. Contact: hollyehamilton@yahoo.com

“Camp was the single most important part of my growing up, and I strongly believe that, in one way or the other, everything I am I owe to camp. Our camp director was the one person who believed in and encouraged me. I didn’t realize it at the time, but she was my mentor. A word that may not have existed at that time.”

– Jean Sack Wollen, Birchwood Camp. 1942-53taken from the book SleepAway

“Your camp has taught me a lot about nature and more importantly about myself. Coyote Trails showed me how to look inside myself and question things. It changed me in ways O would have never thought possible.”

- Noah, 15, Coyote Trails at EarthTeach. 2006