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Dear Friends,

At EarthTeach, winter days are both radiant and stark. There is a fragile, luminous beauty present throughout the Park unlike during any other season: the landscape is defined in contrasting hues of dark or light, barren rock glows under frigid blue-toned air, sentinel trees wear cloaks of mist and snow, and the sleepy illusion of hibernation is regularly and playfully defied by the tracks of jackrabbit, fox and black bear.

Visitors to the Park this time of year narrow down to only the most adventuresome. For the children from John Muir School, who have continued their Friday field studies despite the cold weather, the forest is showing herself in a whole new, wildly wonderful way. Everything is muddy-frozen-slippery-snowy adventure. They return to school wet, filthy, tired and completely exhilarated!

For our ancestors, winter was the time to turn quiet energies indoors, seek healing rest in the longer nights and find companionship and community near a glowing fire. It was a time to acknowledge abundance and blessings that would help them through the darkening days and keep vigil for the joyous re-emergence of springtime – both in the natural world and in themselves.

In that spirit, the community office – with its bustling staff of two – takes this time to acknowledge the generosity shown by so many of you toward the loving care of EarthTeach Forest Park.

Thank you for venturing up onto the land, to learn, grow, deepen family and community connections, play and find your place in nature. As the winter solstice brings forth the longest and darkest night of the year, we at EarthTeach greet the light in each of you and wish you peace.

In gratitude,


Martha Phelps Cotton, General Manager

Dec. 21, 2007 Winter's Solstice